Trippy memories relived with Pink Floyd concert

“What year is it,” my friend Pam asked about four songs into the Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon concert Saturday night at the CasaBlanca Casino showroom. “In my mind, I’m back to being 19 years old.”

For a packed room of old hippies, throw backs to an earlier era, with some twenty-somethings thrown in for good measure that was the exhilarating mood through the entire concert.

I’m not a professional music critic. I only know what I like and what sounds good to me. What sounded phenomenal was the Saturday night group of world-class musicians and singers including a few who have worked with and backed legendary performers including Celine Dion and David Foster.

The concert began with a long slow draw to the opening number as each musician came out on stage to play their part. It was an alluring and exciting way to entice the crowd with what was to come.

One of the guitarists, Jason Walker made the strings sing and had the audience yelling for more. And then came the sax player, Keith Brennaman, who was full of energy and soul. He was phenomenal and the crowd told him so as they screamed their approval.

John Mennitti organized the concert series and brought ten outstanding musicians and singers together for what he called their ‘maiden voyage’ concert. Because all of them meshed so well with each other and with the legendary Pink Floyd music, that was hard to believe.

They played several tunes off Pink Floyd’s ‘From the Wall’ before moving into the entire ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album that totally engaged the screaming audience. “It’s only good this

loud,” my other girlfriend Mary quipped. We were definitely reliving our youth and memories through the whole concert.

And that is the point with the concert series “In Its Entirety” Mennitti told me after the show. “We want to play an album from the past that you really love. We’ll be bringing the Beatles’ Abbey Road in and the Eagles’ Greatest Hits.”

Sign me up for the Eagles; I’ll be the first in line for those tickets.

When Rosalee Sher sang without saying a word, you understood her message right down to your heart. “She put together about four octaves all in one song,” Pam said.

The pace of the show, alluringly slow followed by an explosion of sounds, was everything Pink Floyd music deserves. The light show accompanying the music couldn’t get any better.

The bluesy tunes were unbelievable, allowing you to get lost in the notes. That was evident by the many standing ovations the band received signaling approval of the rendition of an iconic band from the 70’s.

Just don’t think about getting in my way when tickets for future shows from this awesome group go on sale.

By Barbara Ellestad

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